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The Others

The others might be  living in pain, and that’s why they try to hurt you… The others might had completely had their own suffering, that’s why they always try bothering you…

They are humans just like you, but they think in a different way. They could hate you for very simple reasons, they could say lies, they could be very harmful but at the same time very friendly, they can be disguised to fool you, and you can be fooled if you don’t think that they are human but not angels… Just like you..

Human beings.. We are all humans, no angels living on the earth unless the others, the very good humans who love you unconditionally, the tender hearts who make sure to protect you when someone hurts you… The caring people who cry for your sadness and smile for your happiness, those who forgive you before you make mistakes and who forget themselves for your own sake.. those are the angels on earth…

But here’s the question to ask:” Why are the others always the ones who cause pain to others? There is always one side against the other side, is it how life goes on? Must there be one who is loved and others who hate ? Must there be one who smiles and others who cry? Is this is the way life goes on?

It’s always there… The others  who don’t care for others.. who never appreciate them because they have their own reasons, not because they are bad humans…

Life might have treated them so bad and they never found the  others standing next to them to help them get over their pain , their suffering….

Life might have been so cruel with them, they might have met the wrong people on their path… They might have shed tears in their lonely nights and never found the one shoulder to cry on….

The others are human but they are not bad, even though they hurt you in someway… Even though they say words that offend you , there must be deep deep pain in their hearts…. When others treat you badly without any reason , you should think what’s behind this treatment, you should think what the others have been through, who they met on their Path, who made them lose their faith in others….

Life could be so cruel to others, and sometimes could be unfair…Just forgive them when they stand in your way trying to destroy you.. Just forgive them if they try to fight you with all the different ways…. They are humans just like you , you have faith in yourself and in God too, but the others might have lost their way and lost their faith in God and that’s why they do their best to harm you…



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  2. jinan,who could the other’s be??
    conflict of good and evil!i think it is,
    that is the life.its important for us to draw a lesson.
    Evil succeeds death while good creates life..

    Thank you for your selective posts and meaningful words.


    Comment by Rifaat Zeidan | April 13, 2010 | Reply

    • When the evil lives in the heart’s of humans the other could be anyone…
      This is life true!!!

      Comment by Jinan Zeidan | April 13, 2010 | Reply

  3. Hi Jinan,

    I have read this a few times now and all I can say is… i could not have said it better myself.
    You display maturity which seems beyond that which is normally obtained in a single lifetime yet simultaneously exhibit such empathy, the likes of which the world would call naive. Yet, the facts ring true in every word once pondered. I agree, people harbor anger and sadness in their hearts and this makes them nasty people to other people. And the sadder part of it all is that in the world we live in, many people are fooled into believing that being this way earns them respect through people fearing them. I agree with you, consider their lives and experiences and fears, but as well, never forget, the UNIVERSE always exponentially responds and showers you with whatever you send out… so send out LOTS of LOVE… and hold on tight… LOVE and LIGHT, Yusuf

    Comment by Yusuf Ginnah | April 13, 2010 | Reply

    • Thank you Yusuf… I just want to mention that this is not my own experience, I believe that what you give you recieve in return, but sometimes others try to hurt you so, you just get over them and move on… I recieved a message from a woman who said that she wish if she read this post before, because the same day she was so mean to a guy, who was being mean to her son in a public place but after reading my post here, she regret the way she reacted with him, and thought that he might has been through painful moment in his life to react in this nasty way without any reason….
      So,this post is for those who can’t find the answer about the others behaviour , so this is what I believe the others are going through to hurt others…..:D

      Comment by Jinan Zeidan | April 13, 2010 | Reply

      • You are an extremely intuitive person and that is a rare commodity in this world. Never trade your intuition for anything or anybody, always trust your gut the way you do right now, it will stand you in good stead in life… You are extremely unique indeed..

        Comment by Yusuf Ginnah | April 13, 2010

  4. on the other hand, some allow pain and suffering only to make them stronger and more sensitive towards others. Those who are bitter and ugly because of their suffering chose to react this way to life’s ongoing test of humans (angels or devils?)I think that we make the choice

    Comment by Rana | April 13, 2010 | Reply

  5. You should ask. Why have I brought this into my life? It is never about something else. It is always about yourself… Looking at life as if something outside of yourself is the problem. Is like saying your shoes hurt when you have tyed them to tight! Just give them some slack. And yourself while you are at it! Easyer said than done.

    Comment by Qheay | April 12, 2010 | Reply

    • Qheay,
      Glad to see you here 🙂 No it’s not about myself, you can live in peace with your self but you can’t live in peace with others sometimes, they will affect you in a bad or in a good way all the times, this is a fact… BUT, if you are truly in peace with your self you can avoid or prevent them from affecting you so bad.. I wrote this one to those who maybe are not in peace with themselves and who let or allowed others to hurt them so easily..( this not is not about me Qheay, AGAIN, this post is for the OTHERS 😀 )
      Thanks for your nice visit..

      Comment by Jinan Zeidan | April 13, 2010 | Reply

      • I did not mean to say you . We are ONE. Some do not remember. Some are a sleep. Jinan there are no others. Not here not now. Never has been. There is also no Separation or individualism. What you, we see we have made all of it.
        You know all of this. No villains no victims. You can not do anything to anyone nor can anyone do anyting to you. Oh well. I reread The others & understand what it says. I just look at it in a differnt way.
        Much Love & Peace & LIGHT


        Oh Well just for YOU!

        PS I like all of our friends have said in post below Love you & the things you do. Keep it up. Thank U Sister.

        Comment by Qheay | April 16, 2010

  6. Jinan,

    Your words are so very moving and profound! Your sensitivity is very beautiful, and your writing truly a gift from the Heavens! I will look forward to more of your treasures! Blessings to you, dear one, and keep writing!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Love and Hugggs,


    Comment by Gail Kenyon | April 12, 2010 | Reply

  7. Jinan, I read Gill’s post this evening and then this entry on your Blog. You write with such honesty and wisdom and these words are just what I needed to read tonight. I have had someone in my life for a long time including today who just seems to hurt me again and again, and is the one person who I have always wanted to behave differently.
    Today I was able to walk away and make the decision not to be hurt again today. In reading this I am reminded that this person is human and maybe has been more hurt than me and that I should not hurt them back, but let my heart fill with love in spite of it all. Thanks for sharing this, and thanks Gill for the link. xxx

    Comment by Aileen | April 11, 2010 | Reply

  8. Hello my friend across the miles but close at heart….So beautifully written and how true it is. I love your insight and the clarity your writing exhibits is exceptional. Easy to read, yet topics of such difficulty for most people. Your words can heal the souls of the world.

    Love, Lenora

    Comment by Lenora DeSanctis | April 11, 2010 | Reply

  9. Jinan,

    You have a beautiful talent with words and getting to the heart of a problem.

    Vicky xXx

    Comment by Vicky | April 11, 2010 | Reply

  10. You speak wise words of wisdom sister we can only help others through Loving them if we keep sending our Love their ways will change and begin to Love more also . I am Blessed by your words Jinan you are a beautiful writer . Much Love sister Brenda

    Comment by Brenda | April 11, 2010 | Reply

  11. Definitely a spark to be kindled into a flame for consideration and care for one another. Thank you for sharing the feelings in your heart!

    Comment by Patty | April 11, 2010 | Reply

  12. Hello Jinan,

    I saw that Gill re-posted a link to this.
    I think it is absolutely beautiful and absolutely true.
    Your words speak volumes to me and I’m sure they do to a lot of other people.
    Keep on writing sweetie because your words are of such great value.

    Love Emily xxx

    Comment by Emily Rose | April 11, 2010 | Reply

  13. Jinan,

    I had to read this twice, it is very moving….
    It is true that we cannot know what the ‘others’ have gone through in their lives….
    I feel very sad that this can result in not being able to fully heal and express love to those around who love them no matter what….I don’t think it is that they do not love but that love is given to those considered safe and not to those who could inflict a similar hurt…I don’t know…I can only say that I am grateful that no matter what happens in my life my heart is open to love….

    Thank you for lovely words as always… Gill xXx

    Comment by Gill | April 11, 2010 | Reply

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