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The Last Promise

He entered the ER screaming “Where is the patient?” She was lying there on the bed not making a move. Her parents were surrounding her, crying and praying to God to save their daughter. And the Doctor, who looked like he was around 45 years old, just entered the room, and was a stranger to her, but also an angel who was sent by God to save other’s lives. The moment she saw him, she was moved by the way he cares, as if she’s his daughter. The car accident she had gone through threatened her life, and her liver was about to be affected. That doctor handled her situation and wanted to do his best to save her life. She was scared to face death, her eyes were moving from side to side, most of the times begging him to rescue her. She pictured her life moving fast, the happiest moments, and the saddest ones too. Her friend’s faces were all in front of her, their voices, the laughter they shared; it was all there, making her eyes wet. The only voice she could hear clearly was her doctor’s voice, and the only person who was moving like crazy in the room was him. As if life stopped in that room, but no one knew if he will leave her as dead body after failing to heal her wounds, or if she will leave alive and move on in her life.

“Book me a room immediately, even if you need to add another bed in small room” that was his reply after the nurse came to tell him that there is no place for his patient in the hospital. The girl was still lying there in pain, her tears shedding down on her cheeks, she thought the end is near, but with a tender touch he tapped on her shoulders trying reassure that he will find her a place in this hospital and she will be saved.

After a short time, she was in her room. She wished she can leave it, she couldn’t stand the voices that were coming from the other patient’s room; she felt that life is so easy to come into, but so painful when it’s time to leave with suffering. The days were passing by with progress with her situation; she started to feel better, the only thing she was worried about now, is the result of her blood test that she had to do, to make sure her liver is working normally. Her face was aching her; the wounds that were caused by the car accident were healing but leaving little scars like scratches. The only person who was always giving her the power was that doctor who promised to save her life.

After being hospitalized for 8 days, they took her every morning for her usual blood test, but that day wasn’t like the normal days where her doctor used to check her and tell her everything is moving slowly but in a good way, instead, he entered the room with his crew, the same craziness she saw in him the first day she entered the ER, was back to his personality. His eyes were wet that day, he was making calls and asking for medicine that they should bring in from a specialized hospital for liver, he was mad and sad at the same time. It was the first time he didn’t give her hope, as if he didn’t want to promise her something that he knew he couldn’t keep; she felt he was about to give up. She asked one of the nurses: “What’s going on?” the nurse replied back: “It’s your liver that’s in real danger. The test showed that today, and he’s trying to handle the situation.” Again she felt this is the end, she knew the weakness she felt the day before but never expected it might be her liver again. “Doctor, what’s going on?” she asked after he hung up the phone, he replied: “Don’t worry it’s nothing dangerous, it’s just a medicine we should get that we don’t have here, you will be fine girl, I promise you.” With his shining smile, came near her bed and whispered in her ear: “You will live, don’t be scared.”

After hours, although she started taking her medicine, she kept feeling weak for yet another day, but after that, her liver was back to normal. The blood tests were improving, she was healing slowly, and the person who she called her hero, was always there to check on her. He never forgot to reassure her that she will go back to being in good health soon. A feeling grows inside of her towards that doctor, why did he care that much? She wondered. Even the nurses were telling her that he’s a very caring doctor, but it was the first time they saw him treating a patient in that way. His fear towards her made her wait for him daily to knock on her room’s door to hear the good morning words from him, with that smile that used to make her feel better because it was a sign that she’s improving.

 The day of her departure came, she was so happy to leave after spending nearly one month in the hospital. Her doctor was there to say goodbye. He was standing in the hallway, and he walked towards her saying: “I don’t want to see your face here again, just get out of here” she smiled, the same hand that used to tap on her shoulders, tapped again. He bent a little and kissed her on both cheeks, with wet eyes he said: “You made me scared to death, I promised you, you will live, and I gave my word. You will get married and have kids, and move forward in your life”. She felt her heart aching and softly she replied: “I promise you I will, but you have to give me a last promise, that you will be there in my wedding after I find the right guy” He caught her hand and squeezed it saying: “I promise you I will be there”.

Years go by; she lost contact with her doctor. But she was always thinking of him, how God sent her that angel who truly left a deep impact in her heart. She used to think that the day she will get married is the day she will see him again; she was waiting for that day. She met the right guy and after a year, she was going to have her wedding. She went to that hospital asking for him, but one of the nurses she used to see back then, saw her and was happy too to see her after all these years in good health. After she asked her what’s behind her visit, the nurse’s face changed and the sadness came over her face. She said: “He died 3 months ago with cancer”. “NO!!” she screamed, and started crying. The nurse tried to calm her down, but she kept screaming saying “He promised me that he will be there on my wedding day”.

Nothing to say or to do, while she was leaving the hospital she passed by the room she stayed in the whole time she was hospitalized. She saw another doctor checking on a patient, he was different from her doctor, no worry to show to his patient, no smile appears on his face to assure that the patient will be fine. She recalled the moment she entered the ER, and the fear she saw in his eyes, the way he was screaming at his crew to move faster. She recalled that when he entered her room when her liver situation was going backward, his voice was playing in her ears when he used to assure her that she will live longer and she will be out of this place soon. Her eyes never stopped shedding tears; she wished if he’s standing there instead of this doctor, to tap on his shoulder and tell him that she came to invite him to her wedding. A soft voice awoke her from her illusion; it was the same nurse who told her the bad news. She asked her if she needs any help, she replied back that she will be fine, and added: “I have one question, since when did he have that disease?” the nurse replied: “One week before the first day that you came the hospital, 5 years ago. Without any word, she left the hospital, thinking of the person who saved her life, while his life was in danger, thinking why he promised her that he will be there, though he knew that there was little chance that he might come. The doctor who saved her life, no one could save him. He gave her the promises to rescue her, but no one could rescue him. He kept smiling every time he used to enter her room, but silently he was crying for sure. He used to tap on her shoulder to assure her that everything is going to be fine; at the same time he was in need of someone to tap on his shoulder to tell him everything will be fine. How many lives has he saved while his life needed to be saved? She wondered, and why he gave her all this care and attention that she has never seen any doctor give it to his patient?

At her wedding day, she was standing there with her groom, everybody was happy; people were dancing, and laughing. But she kept her eyes on the entrance, watching the guests coming in. She kept staring there, as if she’s expecting him to come; she recalled his voice again saying: “You made me scared to death, I promised you, you will live, and I gave you my word. You will get married and have kids, and move forward in your life” Her eyes drowned in tears, she remembered herself asking him to give her the last promise and be there at her wedding day, his voice again played in her ears saying: “I will be there”. She wished that she kept in contact with him, after she left the hospital; she wished that she knew he had that disease back then. She wanted so badly to meet her hero again; she was expecting him to tap on her shoulder at that moment and say “Sorry I’m late”, but he never did. She wished that he could have kept his word and came, but this time she promised him and gave him her word and she lived until she got married, but he left early. Maybe he forgot his last promise that he gave to her, maybe his pain was too strong to stand it, and couldn’t think of anything. She cried on her wedding day, for not being there with the person who saved her life.

She felt her heart aching not seeing him and not knowing about his disease to be there even to tap on his shoulder to assure him that everything is going to be fine. She never wanted him to promise her to save her life; she never wanted him to tap on her shoulder and tell her everything is going to be fine. She never wanted to see the fear in his eyes when he saw her lying between life and death. She never wanted to see him going crazy when her liver situation was in danger and they were about to lose her. All that she wanted is to know about his disease before he died, and let him be there in her wedding day. But that was the last and only promise that was never fulfilled.



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