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Angels On Earth

For every person on this earth, there is an angel who exists to protect him/her from everything, to guide them to the right direction when they lose their way, and light their days with love and joy when they feel the shadow of sadness trying to haunt them. It’s true that God has sent us angels to stay in our life to look after us from the moment we open our eyes in this world; those two angels are our parents. From the time we start talking the first two words, their names are the first to verbalize, mom and dad. Ever since we march our very first steps we have their hand to grab on to, to help us stand after every fall. Through the nights, our mother’s lap is the bed we sleep in, and her shoulder is the pillow that makes us feel safe. Her eyes never blink when ours are crying and her tender hand keeps on touching our face to make us feel secure. From time to time our dad takes her place to take care of us. We are born on this earth but god never leaves us alone; he sent us his angels to make sure we’ll be safe.

For every word we say, they make of it a story and tell their friends and family members about what their little babies said. For every move we make they spread laughter in the place, sometimes they pretend they didn’t see what we did or what we said; so they ask us to do it again and again to enjoy the moment. We start to be their world that they can’t imagine to live without, all the sacrifices they make, all the suffering they go through to have us in their life, they forget it all in one minute when we look at them and they say something lovely.  All the way from our childhood to our youth, they are the angels that protect us by watching us day and night, even when we are young enough, they can’t help but check our room to make sure we are covered enough. They worry about us, sometimes this worrying bothers us, and sometimes we miss feeling that we are that much loved by feeling their worry.  Fighting, screaming, and losing their temper but they keep on praying for us no matter what we do or how mad they are. The room for forgiveness and tenderness never leaves their heart. They yell at us when we are babies but they kiss us on the cheek when we are asleep. Those are the angels God has sent to us, they are our mother and father.

But, during our journey in this life some kids change from being good to bad. This happens due to many circumstances they have been through since they were kids. Maybe poverty that let the kids grow up in anger watching whole years of other children having all the stuff they dream about, but they can’t have even one meal to stop their hunger through the day. They grow up thinking about those who have a normal life as people who they should take revenge on. Other kids grow up blaming their parents for not taking care of them enough, by being busy all the time. They come back home but no one is there. Maybe their parents are divorced, maybe both their parents are working hard to provide for them a good life. They live lacking the care and missing their mother opening the door for them and prepare their food instead of doing that by themselves or the maid as a replacement to their mom’s turn. This is one of the reason that let the kids grow up blaming their parents for not being there when they need them, they forget that even when their parents are not home it’s a big sacrifice from them to afford a good life to their kids. It’s no longer a choice, sometimes it’s a must they have to work hard rather than watching their children’s lacking for specific things.

And, when parents get old losing the power to take care of themselves, they need our help to drink and to get fed. They start to fear walking alone, and they need to afford our help to walk with them. They start to forget things and feel that it is hard to deal with other things. They need our presence beside them to explain for them about stuffs; maybe it’s the same stuff they helped us to understand when we were little kids. They return back to babies, who feel insecure, and don’t have any idea what’s going on around them. Aging might cause problems with their health, like with hearing, their eyes and their memory. They have no control on their behavior, and their sensitivity increases. We might see them crying because of one word that has been said to them; a normal word for us might have been painful and wounded once for them. By this time, our time comes to take care of the two angles who held us since we opened our eyes to this world, not only by being the devils that makes them feel as if they are living in hell, but by appreciating all the things they have done for us. Some people send their parents to a place where they take care of old people. They leave them there for months and years never asking if they are doing fine. They think deep inside that they are doing their duty. Is this a duty? To put your mother or father with strangers to take care of them? To sleep at night thinking about your own happiness and never thinking that there are two people who were checking your room while you were sleeping as a baby, every 2 minutes to make sure you are fine when you were sick? Now you left them in that place, where they feel insecure and scared; hoping that you knock on their room’s door asking if they are fine instead of these strangers who are getting paid by you to take care of them. They served you since you opened your eyes with happiness; they always say we are blessed by having these children in our house. So why would their presence at this age be a curse in your life?

You pay for strangers to take care of your parents when they get old, because you don’t have the time and the patience to sit with them and talk with them, while they gave you all the time when you were a little baby. You used to ask them about the strange things you don’t get, and they spent hours and hours explaining to you what that means. And now when they aged, they ask you something and you don’t bother to look in their eyes and explain for them. You reply while you keep reading a book or busy working on something. If they ask you for the second time, you get mad and yell at them; you lose your temper in minutes while they used to repeat the same thing to you for hours and smile in every time they explain it again. This is not the good way to treat our parents when they age. They were the angels who protected us and were there for us our whole life; they show us happiness even though they were crying silently just to  let us feel secure. They sell their favorite things even if it was sad to do that, but it was to buy other things that make us smile. They lie to us thousands of times when they say they are fine, but later on we know they are not. They were there to hold us when we feel lonely, to support us when we feel weak. To wipe our tears when we cry and tap us on our shoulders saying we’ll be fine. It’s unfair to treat them in the way that big numbers of people do, and the number is increasing , this is really disturbing. If we never appreciate what our parents did for us, how do we expect our own children to treat us later on?  I’m sure that God would let them treat us the same way we treated our own parents. Why should we keep the photos where your mother is holding your hand to help you walk while you will push her hand when she asks you to help her for a little walk? Why should you let your children watch a video while your father is teaching you how to spell the words, by saying it so many times and his eyes shining in every time you say it right, when you will yell at him by asking him to ask someone else about specific thing he want to know? Why keep the photos, if you don’t want to learn from them how to appreciate those who spent their lives thinking they are blessed to have you in their life?

Some people treat their parents in a perfect and respected way when they get old, others might not have a good relationship with their mother or father but when they get older they always stay there to help them, because they know no matter what they did to him, he/she should be beside them those kind of people who truly appreciate the meaning of parents in their lives. But for those who treat their mother/father in a bad way, they should always have a glimpse to their life since the moment they opened their eyes. Think about them as human being first then as your parents , you might be good to strangers but at the same time your parents are in a place praying to see your face even once a week. Your duty is not to send them to a place to provide for their needs, your duty is to appreciate all the things they did for you, and be by their sides all the time. How many times did you wake up at night screaming for your mom, and the moment she holds you, you feel safe? How many times were you with your father in a crowded place, and when he disappeared for one minute you got scared between those strangers, and the moment he came back, you ran to him and held him so tight as if you will never let him go? What would you think now while your parents are waking up in the night, crying silently, scared from all things that they are going through in life; scared from the place you put them in, feeling pain from your treatment? And in every time they get sick and think that the shadow of death is getting near, they wish that you are beside them taking care of them, and when the door opens, a stranger asking them if they need anything, how painful is it that it’s not you who runs towards them and gives them a hug?Remember that feeling when you were scared till death when you were lost between strangers? What would you feel if you were in the dark and strangers knock on your door instead of your daughter/son?

People say that angels exist but we can’t see them. They say that to every single person there are angels who always surround them and protect them from any pain, but we can’t see them. But the truth is that the moment we open our eyes we see our angels, holding us, protecting us, worrying about us, feeling sad for our sadness and doing their best to provide us with happiness. They are our two angels who deserve all the respect and love from us; they keep their wings around us to protect us, so when those wings are broken and fall down, we should hold them by our two hands tightly, and never let it go until either when our hands break down or if they die and leave this world.


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  2. Jinan,

    This was a fantastic post. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on this piece. My parents a no longer with me here. They’ve been gone for quite some time and I still miss them very much. They were very much the angels you described in your article. I was very close to my Father and he was definitely my protector until he died. I had to place both my parents in a skilled nursing facility in their later years because of health reasons. I was there with them almost every night at their bedtime so I was able to help “tuck them in”. I consider myself very blessed for having the time I had with them during their final days on this earth. I know they are happy together now and are still my angels even though they aren’t here with me.

    Keep writing!

    Comment by Doris | October 25, 2010 | Reply

  3. Jinan, this article brought tears to my eyes also. You look very young in your picture- too young to already know the importance of this lesson. God bless you and keep you and your very lucky parents! Peace in the Middle East!! Just saying!

    Comment by Vicki | October 25, 2010 | Reply

  4. dearest jinan,

    you touched my heart with this article , you are one of a kind, i told you before how much i am proud of you and the more i read your articles the more i feel the pride you brought to us and your family , as your uncle i might get emotional some times ,but i congratulate you and the family for your conduct specially knowing that you are self made and self learned. i always told over the years that when there is a will there is a way and you have just proved that. keep on the good work and let your mother read it , i am sure she will be proud and send it to natalie and ryan and your uncles , i am sure they are proud of you as a person and as a fighter for the best. love you regards to the family.

    Comment by faouzi | October 24, 2010 | Reply

    • I’m feeling so happy to read your first comment on here uncle ( khalou) 🙂 I ‘m in tears now, cause your opinion means so much to me, I have learned from you and from my other uncles how to be like this, how to fight to reach my goal. I’m so blessed to have you & my uncles , also my grand mother & my grand father in my llife.
      When it comes to say how much you all means to me, trust me I feel speechless!! love you too!!

      Comment by Jinan Zeidan | October 24, 2010 | Reply

  5. Dearest Jinan
    Thank you for your heart felt post…
    I think it could be fair to say that there will be people who do what you say, putting elderly and infirmed parents into care homes for whatever reason, and this is a very sad fact of the world today…
    There are many reasons why this would happen, and I think personally from what I have seen it has been a heart rending decision to make… People who I have known and seen have tried either to incorporate their family member into their home the strain of which has affected the relationships and sometimes safety of other members of the family….
    Other reasons could be that they live many miles away and that the parents have married again and their spouse can no longer cope…and it is not their decision to make…
    I also know people who travel many miles to see parents and their health is not a 100% but they do it because they love their parent and go as often as health, time and money allow them too….
    I feel deeply for anyone having to make this decision for whatever reason….
    As always thank you for writing from your heart….
    Much Love… Gill …xXx

    Comment by Gill | October 24, 2010 | Reply

  6. Dear Sweet Jinan,

    How poignantly true this story is. My former job was in a nursing home. My heart broke daily for the callous treatment that these gentle souls endured. The aides assigned to care for them were sometimes more than cruel. Both mentally and physically. Their dignity was over-looked more often than not.These people deserved so much better.
    Where were their families? I seldom saw the majority receive a visit. Except on holidays. Then a dutiful few would come for dinner and perhaps leave a small gift. Maybe
    one hour, then whoosh, out the door and off to their busy lives.
    I understand that full time care can be hard on a growing family, but if you must put a parent into a home. Go see them. It gets very lonely for them. Checking to see that they are not being mistreated should be a daily task.
    Thank you Jinan for bringing this into the light.

    Comment by Chandra Teslar | October 23, 2010 | Reply

  7. Beautiful sister so very true our parents have watched over us and given to us going without themselves . Much Love xoxox

    Comment by Brenda McAleer | October 23, 2010 | Reply

  8. Jinan. Nice to read through. It sure is. & you’re an angel.

    Comment by Hani | October 23, 2010 | Reply

    • My Dear Jinan,
      What a beautiful, poignant writer you are. By the end of
      this essay, I was in tears. This is how I feel. My children
      never call me and ask if I need anything. My daughter.live
      20 miles from me, and I see her on the average of 3 times
      a year;She is often in my area but never stops by or calls
      to see if we can do lunch. I haven’t been in her home for
      3 1/2 years. I was told at the beginning of her marriage
      that we her parents were never to just drop by. We were to
      call First. My son who lives close to me does call me
      every 2-3 weeks. He never drops by to say hello. I have
      been a widow for almost 12 years now, and my Children
      literally abandoned me after their Father died. I live
      alone with my little dogs and a cat. Without my faith in
      God, and my pets I don’t know how I would survive. My son
      who lives in Southern California, never calls. I haven’t
      talked to him sense last April, 2010. He is a well to do
      man who has a beautiful family, but I never see him either.
      It is not that he can’t afford to call or come to see, he
      just doesn’t.
      In America, there are many-many elderly people who are
      treated this way by their children; Some worse. They say
      they love us; But never do anything to show their love.

      Jinan, I am sorry to have unloaded onto you. You’re the
      first person, I have known who understands. I plan to
      share this with many people who need to read this. Thank
      you, My beautiful friend for sharing your beautiful
      thoughts. You should be so very proud of your God given
      Talent, to share your thoughts in such a poignant manner.
      My Love and Many Blessings,
      Your loving friend,

      Comment by Arlene Meuchel | October 23, 2010 | Reply

  9. 😀 I had tears in my eyes while reading this, it takes people a lifetime to reach the wisdom that you have reached my dear without being a parent yet.
    Congratulations I don’t have other words to express what I feel now for your piece of writing.

    Comment by Maral Boyadjian | October 23, 2010 | Reply

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