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Heart Made Of Stone



Peaceful moment

You do your best to stay close to them,
They do their best to strongly push you away

You do your best to never refuse anything they ask you
They do their best to show you how bad you are refused

You say yes for everything showing how much you respect them
But you only hear the word NO when you search for YES

You ask for security and peace
But they tear your heart to pieces

You avoid showing your tears in front of them
Pretending you are strong
But they act as if your heart is made of stone



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The Release Of My First Book

Hello  everyone, just wanted to announce the release of my first book  ” Let Them Go With A Smile”. It’s on AuthorHouse.com & here’s the link:


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Quotes By Jinan Zeidan

1 -The moment you start to suffer, you start to experience life.

2- Don’t let tears block the happiness that is coming on your way

3- No matter how much we say we are over it, we always take a peek to the past

4- Those who say they are with you forever are the first to let you down

5- I never knew how much some people live in ignorance until I heard these words from them: “I know everything.”

6- Missing someone living away from us hurts, but missing someone though they are sitting next to us kills.

8- You can sleep to escape your problems but how do you escape your nightmares?

9- There is no upper class and lower class; in the eyes of God we are all equal.

10-   It’s hard to keep saying “Don’t worry” when word “sorry” becomes a habit.

11-I hate the fact that people always say they want to live in peace & every year they remind us of a tragedy that happened in the past by making a memorial, to let the new generations grow up on hatred.

12-I never dreamt to meet a celebrity in my whole life, I have bigger dreams than that.

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Quotes By Jinan Zeidan.

1-The mind of Human is like a puzzle, there is always a lost piece and a picture incomplete .

2-Always when you are moving forward, never look backward, even to check the past, that might make you miss the other new and nice things that are coming up in your journey .
 3-It’s funny how others see me as an angel when they want to & as a devil because they want to. 

4-Never let others change your smile into tears, hand them a tissue instead.

5-when things go wrong I go right .

6-Grateful for all the bad  things that I face, because  it helps me to appreciate the good ones more and more & thankful for all the people who hurt me, because they help me to appreciate more the others who truly love me !!!! 
7-Get over those who caused you pain & keep walking… Keep smiling, never regret them just forget them!! 
8- It’s better to like the unlike & expect the unexpected…It’s better to smile when you want to cry, It’s better to run away from others when you feel you’ll be prisoner in thier hearts…. It’s better to always be happy .. life is nice!!! 

9-I don’t regret the chances I give because I know how lucky i’m to be the one who’s giving the chances not the one who’s missing them.

10-It’s Life that always makes you want to climb the highest mountain & it’s the same life that sometimes pushes you from the edge. 


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