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Life Is A Game

imageWe don’t hurt people on purpose, some do mean to and others don’t..
We don’t feel happy when we see or know that someone is crying over us,

but we do cry for never meaning that too…
We don’t mean to shout and scream ,

but when we feel that they are shocking  us by their behavior, it’s our inner peace we seek.
Sometimes they force us to act in a way where we hate ourselves,

that’s what makes us escape from them for acting so weird.

We say sorry for putting a period to make it clear it’s the end, but they keep on deleting it and put a comma instead.

It turns into a game between one who doesn’t give up after it’s too late , and other who gets tired of hiding over and over again. At the end , life itself is a game.

It’s full of happy endings and sad ones. Exclamation marks cover the relationships but most of them end with question marks that poison their veins.

In a paradoxical life we have to expect the unexpected. We might never mean to leave but we find ourself saying goodbye..
We might never mean to fall in love but out of   nowhere we feel it in our hearts…
We may swear to stay forever but we leave after a lot of suffering…
We might say we’re leaving someone but we find ourselves stuck. Forever..

We don’t plan to pick those we love and those we hurt, it’s fate that put them in our way…

Some get off the track accidentally and hurt us, and others are pushed away and hurt by us

Life is a game but a complicated one, sometimes it’s all about who wins and who loses, but not  everyone who wins is a winner, and not everyone who loses is a loser…

Some people lose themselves to protect others, and some others win happiness and prizes after they cause a lot of damage in another person’s life

Life is about when to put a comma and continue, when we should draw a question mark and wait for a convincing answer, when we put an exclamation mark and assure it, and when after all that happens, to have the courage to put a “period” and end it all.



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